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BOOKLIST Issue: April 15, 2010 Dear Money. Advanced Review McPhee, Martha (Author) Jun 2010. 352 p. Houghton, hardcover, $25.00. (9780151011650). With four moderately successful novels under her belt, India Palmer knows better than to pin her hopes for financial independence on the publication of her fifth. Unlike her husband, avant-garde sculptor Theodor Larson, who truly […]

One goes broke in a thousand small ways: birthday presents, the ticket of admission to those fancy birthday parties; house presents; ballet classes, lessons in general; theater subscriptions, for us and for the children; dinners out with the mothers, with the parents who want to get to know you better; fundraisers, (God forbid you don’t […]

Mona Simpson, at Hofstra for The Great Writers Great Readers series, put it quite simply: “The older I get the more interested I become in plot.”  Why?  Because with time life’s plots reveal themselves unequivocally.  One begins to understand that while there may be as many stories as there are people, there are a finite […]

Luca’s Risotto With Shrimp And Lemon First, the secrets: 1) A heavy pan, cast iron, perhaps a Le Creuset 2) A highish heat 3) Abundant liquid. Keep the rice well soaked with broth even to the far end. It should be almost soup-like when you turn the heat off. 4) When finished cooking, pour the […]

          Mona Simpson is coming to Hofstra University on Wednesday, March 10 at 7PM to read in the library’s Cultural Center Theater.  You are welcome to join us. In 1988 my father introduced my sisters and me to Mona. We were all living in New York City then and so was […]