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Cullen Stanley, Literary Agent: Janklow Nesbit CS: I’ve heard you describe India Palmer’s transformation from writer to trader as a Pygmalion story. Could you elaborate on that and why you selected this kind of transformation for your protagonist? MM: I was propositioned by a Wall Street trader and he said if you give me 18 […]

I have always loved what regular readers say about my work.  The last time I published a novel, 2006, the world was different.  If the Amazon Vine Program existed, I didn’t know about it.  I had no direct sense of what readers were saying unless they sent a fan letter.  The internet was not where it is today […]

Cullen and I set the alarm but slept right through it.  A knock on the door woke us up, the taxi driver.  He’d come to take us to the boat, ferrying us back to Naples.  We were asleep.  Woke fast.  Threw everything in our suitcases.  (There is only one boat a day.)  He zipped us […]

Ever since I was little girl I have enjoyed cooking. I started because I liked brownies and wanted to get to the bottom of how they were made.  I would only make them from scratch and failed repeatedly.  They were so hard my stepbrothers called them “rockies” and used them as ammunition for their slingshots. My determination (and […]

June 22, 2010 | 7:30 PM | Booksmith | San Francisco, CA Click Here for Full Event Details

In the backyard of Augustus’s house in the Foro Romano.  Yes, that’s the Coliseum in the background.  She really does believe she was Livia, Augustus’s wife, in a previous life.  This trip to Rome has been a pilgrimage to sites from that world of hers. Photo credit: Cullen Stanley, godmother of the empress.