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At a ranch on the banks of the Snake River in southern Idaho a rattlesnake coiled, began to rattle.  My son was a few inches away, frozen, fascinated, terrified.  We’d been warned about the rattlesnakes, told to wear boots and chaps.  But we’d just arrived and Jasper was in shorts and sneakers.  My husband came […]

Railroad Ridge, Idaho Pryde, my mother Livia, my daughter Stefania, my sister’s sister-in-law 360 degree views of mountains, rolling into more mountains, like the sea Heading west, believing they were almost to the Pacific, these mountains are what Louis and Clark encountered.

Summer Reading


Country Driving by Peter Hessler A Romantic Education by Patricia Hampl Sentimental Education by Gustav Flaubert Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert My Hollywood by Mona Simpson Our Town by Thornton Wilder This summer I have read so many books.  That’s what I get to do when I don’t have my students and their work to […]

Wildhorse Creek, Idaho Bob Griswold, handsomest cowboy in the Sawtooth’s, cut a willow branch with a knife, tied on some line and a hook, placed a bright red salmon egg on the end of the hook and let Livia drop it in Wildhorse Creek, in a pool close to the bank.  She pulled out three […]



Aeolian Capers They are as big as South Sea Pearls, plump and juicy, the pickled bud — before it blossoms into the gorgeous white and purple spiny flower.  On Salina in June I saw them everywhere, the caper bush flourishing in the dry, black volcanic soil of the Aeolian Islands.  I was struck by their […]


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