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I met Christina Ball first day of freshman year at Bowdoin College.  She was my roommate and she arrived in our room with an entourage: a sister, a brother, a mother and father, a grandmother.  They crowded in, inspected, turned over pillows, looked out windows, absorbed us — my father and me.  We’d arrived first, […]

ONCE for my husband’s birthday i bought tickets to the movie turned musical at the new york theater workshop. a neighbor had raved about the performance and tickets were already sold out. the show was moving to broadway, but i didn’t want to wait for that. so here’s what i learned, a tip: call at […]

Happy New Year


one of the things i love to do most is cook. over the holidays i made two dishes i’ve not made before: bouillabaisse (which I now know how to spell) and potato pizza both are easy and quite delicious. i encourage you to make both. happy new year, 2012, the year of the dragon. i’m […]