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From our room at Hotel Signum, Salina.  Panerea in the distance. Hotel Signum‘s celebrated restaurant — Sicilian cuisine — with one of Salina’s six volcanoes behind. Guy Wiggins teaching the kids that it’s all one big poker game. Twilight music played by a handsome man-servant. HOTEL SIGNUM

Dragging ourselves away from the pool at Villa Zinna and from the abundance of music at the Ibla Festival, we decided we had to make a pilgrimage to Scicli to see Christ in a Skirt.  Scicli hides in a gorge in the Val di Noto and you come upon it like a surprise.  In one way […]

Jenny and I arriving for the Ibla International Music Festival in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily.  Here for ten days listening to musicians of all ages from around the world.  And also we are exploring the Val di Noto World Heritage Site of south eastern Sicily.