7 Responses to “Recipes”

  1. 1 Jana Peirce

    We still make these scones many weekends. We’ve found over the years that you can cut the butter down from 8 to 6 Tbsp without impairing the scones. Save the last two Tbsp to put on at the table.

  2. nice. Thanks

    • 3 marthamcphee

      Thanks for writing. My brother-in-law brought me a gallon of olive oil from his brother’s trees in the hills above Florence. The oil tasted like the tree. Your olive looks beautiful too.

  3. Reminds me of Via Toselli. . . . .
    PS A group of 1984-1985 amici da firenze have begun “friending me” on facebook. Ahi mi, la, nostalgia!

    • 5 marthamcphee

      So nice to hear from you. Thanks for writing. Via Toselli…what a wonderful time, so long ago.

      • Hey Martha I just noticed your reply from four years ago. Come fugere il tempo! Ciao bellissima, Roger

  4. 7 Goerge

    hey how do you make pancakes?? I know your husband mark svenvold has a killer recipe. Would you mind sharing with your beloved viewers?

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