Waking Early To Birdsong

Waking early to birdsong, doves and mot mots, a pair of love birds playing in a branch.  Coffee delivered to my bed.  A sultry air stirred by a kind breeze.  The jungle outside of Merida, Mexico.  Hacienda Petac, former sisal plantation established in the 1700s, celebrated for its rope production, converted now to a private home.  Palm and agave and creeping philodendron and mariposa and quanabana and neem and pich and pomegranate .  The canopy dripping with fruits and pods shaped like beans and boomerangs and ears, filled with a silk as light and fluffy as dandelion seed.  A splash of pink, of red against the riotous green, ixora and cattail and heliconia and birds of paradise, royal poinciana, the magnificent ceiba tree.  Water everywhere, running through and under it all.  Breakfast by the pool: Jugo, Fruita, Omelet de Queso con Salsa de chile poblano.

Hacienda Petac