Porgy and Bess

My husband and I were fortunate to see Porgy and Bess on Saturday night.  I still have chills from Audra McDonald‘s performance.  This Porgy and Bess is elemental, the tragedy of Bess is felt in a very personal way.  I physically ached for her, the way we ache for Anna Karenina or Lily Bart — women trapped by making bad choices in a supremely unforgiving world.  Though ultimately Joe Nocera isn’t a fan of this production, his Op-Ed in the New York Time’s was illuminating on the history of the opera and is a must read whether you see the production or not, like the production or not.  I recommend you see it.  In most of our lifetimes we won’t have this chance again, to be moved indelibly by the power Porgy and his Bess, Bess and her Porgy, by the power of their story and music.