With Livia In Rome

Livia in the fountains outside of Augustus’ tomb.  Augustus ruled the world and Livia ruled Augustus.

Still in the fountain with her godmother, Cullen, behind.

Livia signing a statue of Augustus left as an offering, along with others, on the wall in front of the excavation site.  Livia looked up and said, “I once poisoned many men.”

4 thoughts on “With Livia In Rome

  1. Martha – you made it! YAY! Livia is so beautiful and delicate – like you. With a name like this, she must have to be strong too! Enjoy your vacation -it’s lovely to be there with family and practice the Italian way! xx

  2. Hi Martha,

    Congratulations on your new book, I look forward to reading it. I hope we get to see you and your family soon, it’s been too long!

    Mark Roland, aka dadofmac (Mack being 7 months old today!) , aka editor of Hudson Valley Parent magazine & Hudson Valley Life.

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