Let’s Blow It All


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20 Responses to “Let’s Blow It All”

  1. I absolutely love this trailer!

    • 2 marthamcphee

      Thank you so much. I’m so glad. And thanks to your beautiful quote!

  2. Wonderful! What fun!

  3. 5 Luanne Rice

    What an amazing trailer. ! can’t wait to read the book!

  4. Kudos to Mark. I enjoyed the trailer. Ours is a foolish age indeed. Like most of the rest of them…

    • 8 marthamcphee

      Thanks for watching it. That’s a great point: this foolish age, that age, all foolish ages. Agreed.

  5. 9 Tim Rundquist

    Didn’t know that Mark had diversified into video production! Fun trailer, and greatly looking forward to checking out the book. Congrats to both of you. TR

    • 10 marthamcphee

      Thanks for writing. Mark has just told me that you reach back to Alaska. That’s wonderful. I’m glad you saw the trailer. I think he’s out done himself. My best to you.

  6. 11 ama

    Brilliant. I can’t wait for the book.

  7. Great trailer… can’t wait for the book either. 🙂

  8. 13 Pat Newman

    Loved the trailer. Eagerly awaiting the book.

    • 14 marthamcphee

      I’m so glad. I really think Mark did a great job. Thanks.

  9. 15 roxandra antoniadis

    love love love the trailer — congratulations to you and Mark both!!

  10. Hat tip to creativity. I like it! So, the sequence is: Video, Book, Movie…?

    • 17 marthamcphee

      That would be nice…a movie. Thanks for the hat tip. It’s much appreciated.

  11. 18 susan cirigliano

    This makes me want to dance!!!

  12. 19 claudia nelson

    What’s the worth of a horrible hideous mess without mining the fun in it? This video is such a kick! How could the book be less so? Congratulations to trailer maker Mark and more so, to author Martha!! A tonic! with lime! Don’t hold the gin either. After all, it’s hot!

    • 20 marthamcphee

      Thank you, Claudia! And where in the world are you? I want an angle for following you around — when you’re working first class and perhaps headed somewhere like Italy. Even though it’s just noon that tonic with gin and lime sounds perfect.

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