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What a lot of fun.  I love Telluride.  I loved meeting Maribeth Clemente.  She was the ski instructor of some friends’ children. They invited my son to join the instruction — lucky son, then lucky me.  Maribeth and I discovered we were both writers.  Over the summer she read Dear Money and interviewed me for […]

eMUSIC Q&A: MARTHA MCPHEE By Jami Attenberg The fair citizens of New York City are obsessed with many things: art, music, books, food, movies, fashion, sports and extremely tall buildings. But hovering at the top of that list, perhaps because, for better or worse, it makes all of the other things go round, is money. […]

Deep Down, It’s All About Writing — Martha McPhee’s Excellent Adventure Stuart Mitchner Click here to visit Cindy Sherman’s site Martha McPhee’s new novel is not what it appears to be. According to the jacket copy, Dear Money (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt $25) is a “Pygmalion tale of a novelist turned bond trader …. a raucous ride […]

June 2010, a magnificent month. June 3: Dear Money was published — two very generous, wonderful friends came together to host a beautiful party for me and my novel, following a successful reading and Q&A at Barnes & Nobel. The friends are the talented editor Elisabeth Schmitz and the dazzling Maura McCormack.  The bond trader […]

Cullen Stanley, Literary Agent: Janklow Nesbit CS: I’ve heard you describe India Palmer’s transformation from writer to trader as a Pygmalion story. Could you elaborate on that and why you selected this kind of transformation for your protagonist? MM: I was propositioned by a Wall Street trader and he said if you give me 18 […]