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This was a happy day.  Four little girls running around with hundreds and hundreds of sheep, across the Scottish moors on the island of Colonsay.  We were living there.  I was three years old.  All my father wanted was to catch and hold one of those little lambs.  He succeed, clearly.  My mother caught it […]

My son says to me: “You are so lucky.  You have the best mother in the world.  I wish Nonni was my mother.” He’s right.  And this is “Nonni” just about the time she started having children, age 22.

How many birthday cakes does a 9 year old boy need? One for the football party, 22 boys in the park in the snow playing the game. One for Jasper’s class party at school to celebrate his birthday. One for the family birthday at home with his aunts and nonna and because Almond Cake is […]

Recently my daughter read Our Town with her 7th grade English class.  From the pages of the book fell an email from my cousin, Charles McPhee, dated 10/08/2009 — one year and seven months, to the day, before he would die of ALS, the illness that had already ravaged him by this point.  The email […]

Run, Daddy, Run


I’ve been traveling since I was a toddler.  My mother and father and sisters and I took an ocean liner from New York City to England because my parents were afraid to fly.  Young as I was I still remember little things.  I remember that two of my sisters got sea sick out in the […]

At the Armory with Jaz and Liv to swing and pull Ann Hamilton’s threads, making a silk sheet dance : It closes January 6th, 2013