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How many birthday cakes does a 9 year old boy need? One for the football party, 22 boys in the park in the snow playing the game. One for Jasper’s class party at school to celebrate his birthday. One for the family birthday at home with his aunts and nonna and because Almond Cake is […]

My sisters have been discussing this.  One of the dishes Laura made for Thanksgiving was Roasted Cauliflower and Hazelnut Salad.  (It’s pictured in this rave NYTimes blog post.)  Sarah has called me four times since a dinner party she had on December 29 to tell me how divine the Roasted Chicken with Clementines and Arak is. […]

In my grandmother’s emphatic scrawl she instructs that these recipes, part of some sort of public relations campaign for the Potomac Edison Company of Hagerstown, Maryland, be kept, saved.  My grandmother added this to her collection over fifty years ago and, forward thinking, left a message — like one in a bottle — to those […]

IN GOOD COMPANY (from More Magazine — November 2007) On a corner in Fort Worth’s Southside, my friend Donatella Trotti (known as Dodi) has opened a tiny trattoria.  It is called Nonna Tata, after her grandmother, and is in a 500-square-foot cinderblock building on a seemingly lonely street.  The cozy interior is completely designed by […]

Happy New Year


one of the things i love to do most is cook. over the holidays i made two dishes i’ve not made before: bouillabaisse (which I now know how to spell) and potato pizza both are easy and quite delicious. i encourage you to make both. happy new year, 2012, the year of the dragon. i’m […]

forty-sixth at grace Seven Spoons Kiss My Spatula

I have always found my portal into another culture to be through its food.  In March I went to the jungle outside of Merida and stayed in a colonial hacienda that had been transformed into a private home, soaring ceilings and rioting vegetation just outside the screened doors, the constant song of doves.  At this […]