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I’ve been given many reasons to ponder the nature of friendship these past months — a most cherished value, to be a good friend.  I certainly haven’t come up with anything new or profound, but this song, Sonya Alone, heard at Dave Malloy’s exhilarating electropop opera, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, says everything I feel […]

I’m on a mission to enjoy my city more – – to find time to indulge in fragments of its bounty and beauty and whimsy and whatever else.  This morning before Jasper’s futsal and Livia’s tennis, before their piano and homework and the dismantling of the Christmas tree, we rose early and snuck off to […]

At the Armory with Jaz and Liv to swing and pull Ann Hamilton’s threads, making a silk sheet dance : It closes January 6th, 2013

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Baroque Christmas tree with floating Neopolitan angels and lively Crèche — monkeys included. The windows at Bergdorf’s: Cartier’s wrapped like a present. Walking down Fifth Avenue. MERRY CHRISTMAS

ONCE for my husband’s birthday i bought tickets to the movie turned musical at the new york theater workshop. a neighbor had raved about the performance and tickets were already sold out. the show was moving to broadway, but i didn’t want to wait for that. so here’s what i learned, a tip: call at […]