Crazy Chicks

My mother came to Maine yesterday, arriving with her dog, her cat and 10 baby chicks.
Is she completely crazy?  “There was no one to take care of them at home.”  She smiled and added, “They sleep at night.”
My whole life I have tried to be normal, whatever that is.  But I have finally realized that I don’t stand a chance.

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9 Responses to “Crazy Chicks”

  1. 1 Pat Newman

    Another chapter in a most interesting life. Hard to believe, but somehow I’m not surprised.

  2. Just surrender to the craziness.
    I find it’s easier.

  3. 3 Grace Suh

    Love Pryde!

    Normal is a mom, son, daughter, grandmother and pets on summer vacation. (Mark too?)

    Have fun!!!

  4. 4 Charlotte Legg

    Where would you get your material? With every new McPhee twist comes another great Martha book to look forward to. Though I know they’re not autobiographical…

    Enjoy another summer. Wish we were further south to be able to see each other.

    • 5 marthamcphee

      Thank you Charlotte, Grace, Lindsey, Pat: The chicks are adorable and keeping us alert if nothing else. They are very chatty. The cat is not interested in them and the dog is not interested in the cat. All’s well.

  5. 6 Bob

    It just brings a smile to my face.

  6. Martha, your posts make me smile! Crazy is good! Enjoy beautiful Maine – it’s brutal in NYC – and C’ville too!

  7. Your Mother seems perfectly normal to me; consider yourself blessed! Cozy smiles reading your blog, thanks.

    • 9 marthamcphee

      Thank you! I can’t wait to tell my mother about your comment. She’ll feel vindicated and overjoyed and, above all, appreciated.

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