She’s Not Afraid

There’s a bull in this picture.  Can you see it?

One bull for about 25 cows.  The bull here is just left of center, the biggest beast in the picture.  His job happens in the summer months.  He can tell a cow is fertile by smelling her pee, literally putting his nose to her.  In November the vet comes to do pregnancy checks.  If a cow isn’t pregnant she’s sent off to McDonald’s.  Ranchers do not eat veal and a child on a ranch learns everything she needs to know about the birds and the bees by the time she’s five or six.

Livia Svenvold McPhee on the Svenvold cattle ranch in Bloomfield outside of Glendive, Montana.  Summer 2011.

3 thoughts on “She’s Not Afraid

  1. Hey Martha, it is soo cool to see that you have a blog!! It is also cool to see Livia on a ranch..with a bull! (correction, bulls, and cows.) How is tiger. I was just chatting Livia and she said she is Montana. Is that where that picture was taken? Also how is Jasper. I cannot wait for school!! Say hello to Livia for me..if she doesn’t come online today. Thanks..

    1. Dear Kristen, Thank you for writing to my blog. You are so sweet. I love hearing from you. Livia was in Montana, but now we’re in Maine. Jasper is here too and they are having a great lazy time. I will have Livia get in touch with you. I hope you’re having a great summer.

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