Silver Linings: A Garden ?

I am living once again at my childhood home. Weird, yes. When I was a kid there were ten children, goats, donkeys, a horse, chickens, ducks, peacocks. We ate the lambs for Easter. My mother had a flourishing garden. There was chaos and much more. I left as soon as I could. Now I am home again, now with my daughter (20 and a college sophomore) and my son (a high school sophomore), and Mark, of course. For many years I have wanted a garden even if I have no idea what to do. Day 3 of self-isolation we have begun to feel our way forward. Long ago, when the kids were little, they liked to play a game: What would you bring to a Zombie Apocalypse. Seeds I would always say.

Inspired by Jenny

5 thoughts on “Silver Linings: A Garden ?

  1. Hi Martha. So glad you can be with your mom at this difficult time. Gardening can be very therapeutic and I’m glad you have such a good place for you and your family. Even though it might not register, please give her my love. I have such wonderful memories of all of you from back in the day.

  2. I have fond such memories of this garden and I’m glad you can use this time to breathe life into the earth! Stay well xo

  3. So happy to know you are all at the Farm with Pryde!!! I have so many wonderful memories there! Sending love and wishing you fun and sucessful gardening! Have started gardening here at home too, after décades of rehearsing for it! Kisses, Martha !

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