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Finished books arrived today.  I’m thrilled.  Thank you Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  I love to hold the book.  I love the size.  I love the cover, the entire dust jacket. Available in stores around June 3rd.

Oh no, my daughter is a poet.    Proofread Your Heart When hatred takes over your heart, whisper to me when your goddess fails whisper when the world is gone whisper because there is an answer when the sound of guns and bullets crashes down whisper to me for even up here I can hear. […]

  Over the years I have made many variations of tiramisu, some incredibily elaborate with multiple liquors, but my favorite is the one I share here.  I use fresh eggs from my mother’s farm, but when I don’t have them I buy the best, organic brand I can find.  Cooking the yolks is part of […]

  I have always loved to cook.  Since I was a young child, I found cooking to be an escape and I became good at it.  Ordinary cooking, nothing too fancy.  When I did terribly in school, when I was awkward and goofy with braces, when I got in trouble for doing something bad I […]

April 10, 2010 | 3:30pmThe Center For Fiction and Read This | 17 E. 47th Street, NYCClick here to view full event Panel Discussion: Writing About Money, the Novelists: Jonathan Dee, Adam Haslett and MARTHA McPHEE Man Against Man, Man Against Nature…How about Man Against the Federal Reserve? These critically acclaimed writers have recently penned […]

A Crossing From them the dust and from them the storm, and the smoke in the sky, and a rumble in the ground; and from them the very sky seeming, from afar, parabolic; from the curve or girth beyond the eye’s reach;                                                             from/across/& through— a beautiful level and fertile plain— with soggy bottoms of […]